3D Modeling/BIM


Vara 3D‘s team has documented many facilities like the Casino Star and Renoir Hotel for structural design. The Casino Star Theater, located in Gunnison, Utah, was built in 1912 and opened to the public in 1913.  High Definition Scanning was used to scan the structure.  After the scan, the data was sorted, organized, and then analyzed for wall thickness and structural integrity.  The data helped engineers design a new marquee putting a new face on this lovely grand dome of the theater.


Vara 3D assisted the client, during the contract proposal phase, by scanning and modeling the entrance to snowbird cliff lodge ski resort. Team created a stunning visualization of existing conditions and potential plans for the redesign. Later, common areas, such as the atrium, restaurant, board rooms and reception areas were scanned and modeled in 3D Revit. The resort’s suites were scanned and drafted, creating 2D floor plans that included panoramic photos.


Vara 3D was called in for 3D modeling that would confirm the new fuel system layout.  Vara 3D’s team coordinated the design with the general contractor and many other sub-contractors. The team combined the different 2D plans and created 3D model. As required, team resolved the conflicts by adjusting the plan in 3D model. After resolving all conflicts, Vara 3D provided revised 2D models that contractors could use for their design.


Vara 3D provided geospatial solutions during the proposal phase of this City transportation project. The High Definition Scan (HDS) images not only provided the surface area data for the historic part of the city, but also highlighted important details regarding buildings and structures that could have been affected by proposed changes to the road. Client was able to win the bid by clearly showing the full impact of the changes with this project.