About VARA 3D

Vara 3D Solutions offers the detailed virtual-reality view every engineer, designer, architect, realtor and project manager needs to gather precise and accurate information. Their high-tech scanning surveys produce a high-density point cloud that can be narrowed down to analyze specific areas. Vara 3D allows you to provide your clients a clearly visualized presentation of their project.

  • Their service provides value-packed details and measurements difficult or impossible to measure with traditional measuring tools.  Vara 3D Solutions uses LiDAR technology to capture a point cloud of data to create topographic maps, 3D models, architectural plans and rationalization of complex structures. LiDAR incorporates measurements of distance from a pulsed laser light to a target and the reflected pulses with a sensor. The differences in laser return times and wavelengths are then used to create 3D images of the target.
  • At each location the Vara 3D experts are able to set up and scan up in as little as five minutes. They collect more data in one hour than any of their competitors which provides their clients with accurate, efficient and cost-effective results.  This information helps everyone involved with each project make truly informed decisions.
  • Custom collaboration is one of Vara 3D’s specialties.  They convert the scan data into 3D models to be used in design work and construction.  The 3D models, additional drawings and specific adjustments to texture, lighting, and window and door placement can also be incorporated to provide precise design simulations and fly-through scenarios.
  • Vara 3D’s ability to convert 2D drawings to 3D presentations, or vice versa, gives their customers more flexibility and capability in approaching each project. These conversions can be done without the use of point clouds.
  • A panoramic 360-degree photographic view of the site’s layout and interior views from any location enable customers to clearly see how their plans fit the location.  Showing the real images along with the plans offers clarity in presentation.  The combination of high-density data and effective, professional display saves Vara 3D’s customers significant time and expense.

Putting Vara 3D Solution’s service in your project’s tool box is an intelligent way to prepare and provide clients with confidence in making informed decisions.



Data Efficiency – Customer Focus

  • Digital scanning generates huge amount of data. The VARA 3D team is able to explain to clients how to use this data for specific requirements of a project. It eliminates need to deal with prohibitively large sets of data that would require extensive storage and computation technology.
  • As the design process for a project evolves and clients need more data, VARA 3D uses in-house data warehousing and streamlined processes to provide more information in readily usable format without having to re-scan the site or the buildings/structures. This saves significant time and cost to customers.