Digital Scanning, 3D Modeling for Pump Station Redesign

The owners of the pump station wanted to change the station layout and install the latest equipment available while minimizing operations downtime. The Vara 3D team digitally scanned the existing pump station property and developed 3D Models to show how the new equipment could fit in the available space of the pump station.

Vara 3D Services: LiDAR Digital Scanning, 3D Modeling


The Vara 3D crew digitally scanned the existing pump station buildings and property, collecting point cloud data in a very short timeframe with minimal equipment set-up and overhead.

From the point cloud data, the team developed 3D Models to show how the new equipment could fit in place of the old equipment. While accounting for differences in dimensions, shapes, and space available after transferring the generators and other equipment in the pump facility. A panoramic 360-degree photographic view of the site’s existing layout and interior views from all locations enabled designers to clearly see how their new design plans fit the location. This allowed the new design to be confirmed in the early stages of the project, simplifying the construction planning significantly.

The models in the pre-design phase showed as-built conditions replicating the site within ¼ inch of its actual dimensions. The owners, designers and contractor of the project were able to effectively and efficiently integrate the details required to realize the intended design vision.

3D Modeling, combined with the panoramic view of the site’s layout, enables designers and contractors to develop more accurate plan layouts and specifications. With minimal Request for Information (RFI) during the construction phase, the project moved through construction smoothly and without delays.

Flemming Hills Pump Station - Design Feasibility Analysis, Confirmation using Digital Scanning, 3D Modeling