High Definition Survey

Vara 3D has developed methodology and system for High Definition Scanning (HDS) that not only simplifies the design process for architects, but also opens up options for collaboration and planning in early stage of the projects.


Vara 3D High Definition Survey (HDS)

  • Collects tens of thousands of survey points per second, creating a 3D, point-cloud model
  • Provides detailed data, up to 1/8 of an inch
  • Creates a “time capsule” of the site for future reference and analysis
  • Provides all data in measurable – x, y, z coordinates.
  • Allows point-cloud information to be “mined” or extracted into various formats, including Auto CAD and Revit.
  • Compares changes over time
  • Maintains a current site model
  • Provides information that traditional surveys cannot
  • Enables better decision-making
  • Reduces guesswork; changes can be modeled virtually


Project Example, Video: HDS of Plant in Aberdeen, Washington


Following video shows High Definition Scanning (HDS) of plant in Aberdeen, Washington. The data from Vara 3D simplified design for green-energy retrofits and new communication systems at the plant.