We offer the following geospatial services—delivered with a smile.

Using a 3D HDS laser scanner we quickly and accurately collect highly detailed data, measurable in x, y, z coordinates, at your project site. The measurements are then developed into a virtual model that provides precision, as-built and existing-condition data accessible on a computer. Information can be used in various programs, including AutoCAD and Revit.


  • Fast

  • Accurate

  • Cost-effective


  • Capture as-built or existing site conditions

  • Document historic sites

  • Provide information regarding subsidence and settlement issues

  • Develop site and structural plans

  • New ideas from collaborating with you, our client

Building-Information Modeling (BIM) creates a virtual 3D prototype.  BIM is an excellent tool for project teams to share data, as well as determine feasibility, cost, and schedules.

With or without scanning, using BIM, we can develop a computer-generated model that will help assess, plan, design, construct, and operate your facility for years to come.  Our team of modelers and drafters can model future changes to existing buildings as well as brand new structures.

We can create standard 2D plans and plan sets, using AutoCAD and Revit, based on the point-cloud information gathered. Implementing future changes to your plans is also available.

Using HDS, we can survey and map even the most difficult terrain, and provide data designed to document natural and man-made features.

To put it simply, both ALTA and boundary surveys map property boundaries, the location of property improvements, including buildings and other structures, the location of access and utility features, and other easements recorded against the property. ALTA standards are recognized nationwide, while boundary survey standards vary from state to state.  Our team utilizes both traditional and high definition methods to deliver your product.