Vara 3D turned around this 10 acre topographic of a mall in Utah County in just four business days.  The team set controls on Tuesday, scanned the site on Wednesday, and delivered the topography Monday morning.  Client was very excited about the panoramic photos embedded in the models. The ability to fly through using that virtually brought the site to their desktop computer.


A week later, the client realized that he needed information regarding the top of parapet walls on the face of each store in the mall.  With all the data captured in the initial scan and 3D data collection, Vara 3D was able to provide the information without additional set up. This was a significant cost savings to the client.


Vara 3D provided a topographical survey of this property in Draper City, with its many ravines, peaks and valleys.  The engineers needed precise cut and fill calculations. Vara 3D provided the required data along with roadway and public access information.


The developer and his real estate broker use the embedded panoramic photos to show potential buyers the site, without leaving their offices.